About Us

Who Are We

We are an Atlanta based start up new to the automotive world on a mission to bring our vision to light. Our team believes strongly in the value of the experience, the details, and the story behind the design. In addition to the extreme detail we apply to all of our design and concepts, we also find new ways to bring innovation to the market place. The devoted team at Z | Car is constantly conceptualizing new technological advancements, in all areas, in order to accomplish our goal of creating both... a cherished automotive work of art that awes all who gaze upon it and a super computer on wheels with revolutionary technological advancements all to ensure a world class experience. In summary, Z | Car focuses all of its efforts on the art of driving. 

Our Company Values

Other than the art of driving, our team believes strongly in creating a good story. Everything from each of our project names to various subtle aspects of our designs are there to give way to a story. Said story can be anything you make it, we simply put your story on our platform.  One of the final core values we believe in, as a team, is making old meet new. All of our designs share the perfect balance between a classy, elegant exterior and state of the art features. This balance our design team strives to create gives way to the unparalleled experience and story we want to show the world.

Where Are We Now

As of now our team is focused on our two primary projects available for public viewing once complete, Project Aurora and Project Eventide. More information regarding Project Aurora can be found on our home page. As for Project Eventide, no new information is available to the public domain at this time. If you would like to make a specific inquiry, you may contact the team by sending an email to ProjectAurora@zcarmotors.com.