Project Aurora

What Is Project Aurora

Once complete, Project Aurora will be our first ever publicly released automotive concept. Aurora will be the way we define our brand and the values we stand for as not only a company rather, as a team.  Due to our design security policy, we are only able to show off various edited rough sketches of Project Aurora that were produced at the beginning of this year when we first launched.  All new information, media, and previews of Project Aurora will be available right here on this page as they become available. If you belong to the Media please refer below to the section of this page titled, “Project Aurora Press Contact”.

“If we keep the aspiration and drive we are born with from our first aurora, our most wild dreams will be within reach.”  – The Project Aurora Team

Project Aurora Press Contact

If you belong to a media agency, you may submit a request for exclusive insight into Project Aurora by either clicking the "mail icon" below or by sending an email to